Sansern Rianthong aka Zood Dooz is a Visual Artist, Designer, Typographer, Pixel Maker, Painter, Craftsperson, Lecturer and Creative Consultant based in Thailand. His creations cover boundaries of art, experiment and design. He connects people and space with art, and improves the atmosphere and image of the public realm by the activity and participation of audiences. He connects consumers and brands with design, and develops and solves visual problems with typefaces, packages, prints, characters, new media and commu nication design.

He Loves In Grid System, Object Arranging, Patterns, And Pixel Art. He Created Various Projects Based On Repetition Concept, And Completed Master Of Art In Public Space From RMIT University In 2012 With Distinction.

Zood Dooz Believes That There Are Opportunities For Every Object And Space To Present Imagination And Information. He Enjoys Dealing With Unpredictable Opportunities, And Working With People From Different Backgrounds. He Has Work Experience In A Graphic Design Agency, A Digital Business And An Apparel Importing Company Including Volunteer Work For Educational Field And Non-Profit Organization


2022 - Present: Studying in Culture-based Design Art, Silpakprn University, Thailand

2011 - 2012: Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) with Distinction, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia

2000 - 2003: Bachelor of Arts (Packaging Design), Naresuan University, Thailand

Public Art Project

2016: 3C Public Art Project, Bangmod, Bangkok, Thailand

2013: Sunshine Bus Interchange Mural, City of Brimbank, Victoria, Australia

2013: Victoria Harbour Art, Melbourne, Australia

2011: Moreart Public Art Show, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

2011: Artland@rmit, Rmit University Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

2011: Nocturnal Night Walk, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

2011: Nocturnal Night Projection, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

2011: Harvest Festival, Ceres Environmental Park, Victoria, Australia


2015: UNICEF, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand supported by Unicef

2013: Neo Thai Vibe Thai Restaurant, Parkdale, Vic, Australia

2013: Wongpanit Waste Recycling Factory, Phichit, Thailand

2012: Holiava Pub, Richmond, Vic, Australia


2012: Şile Municipality, Şile/istanbul, Turkey

Group Exhibition

2019: Transition Exhibition, LIGHTSCAPES / 1 August to 4 November 2019 at Knox Place and Rodda Lane, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

2014: CHAOS Yesterday and Today Exhibition, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

2012: Joy, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

2011: Siam Center & Siam Discovery 100 Designs Showcase 2012,Bangkok, Thailand.

2011: Tiger Translate Global By Tiger Beer

2011: A4 Art Show, Nhd Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2009: I Am A Thai Graphic Designer, Siam Center, Thailand

2008: Plus Individuals Exhibition, The Silom Galleria , Thailand

2007: Songpracharoen, Siam Discovery Centre, Thailand


2021: Winner of Good Design Award 2021, Japan (ZoodSamai Font)

2021: Winner of DEmark Award 2021, Thailand / Category: Graphic Design (ZoodSamai Font)

2016: Runner Up of Typeface Design, Naris Day By Silpakorn University (ZoodSiam Font)

2012: Candidate / Thai Typeface Show 2012, Thailand

2012: Candidate / Designiti: Too Many Is Not Enough T-shirt Competition,hailand

2012: Candidate / Tiger Translate Global

Visiting Lecturer & Instructor

2017: PHAYAO UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts. Subject: Typography and Lettering

2017: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture. Subject : Typography and Lettering

2016: SRIPATHUM UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Digital Media. Subject : Publication Design Program

2016: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture. Subject : FontLab Computer Graphic

2016: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture. Subject : Media Art

2016: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture. Subject : FontLab Computer Graphic

2014-Present: SRIPATHUM UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Digital Media. Subject : Typography and Lettering Program

2014: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture. Subject : Typography and Lettering Program

2006-2007: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture. Subject : Typography and Lettering Program


2016 - Present: NARESUAN UNIVERSITY -Lecturer(Full-Time)

2014 - 2016: SRIPATHUM UNIVERSITY - Lecturer(Part-Time)

2015 - 2016: H.U.I. - Graphic Designer(Freelance)

2014: TOPSPACE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. - Web designer & CSS Developer (Contract)

2012 / 2014: LAVELLE ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD - Graphic Designer (Part-Time)

2013: ROYAL MELBOURNE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Researching Artist (3 Months Contract)

2012: ANTS Magazine (Melbourne, Australia) - Advertising Designer (Part-Time)

2008 - 2009: MINOR INTERNATIONAL - Graphic Designer (Full-Time)

2006 – 2008: GMM GRAMMY PLC. - Web Designer (Full-Time)

2006: MANTELLO CO., LTD. - Graphic Designer (Part-Time)

2004 – 2006: FIF DESIGN CO., LTD. - Graphic Designer (Full-Time)