Year: 2013
Mediums: Concret wall, Acrylic Colors
Location: Sunshine Bus Intechange Station, Vic, Australia
Dimension: Width 60m x Height 2.55m

Abstract: Together O’Dwyer & Zood create large-scale public murals, affecting each space with a sense of play. They work to integrate site-specific themes and community undertones within each piece. Within their bold pixelated colour pallette, each of their murals contain hidden images and local dialogue. Each mural design is layered with an instant brightness, coupled with narratives that reveal themselves as audiences become familiar with the work.

Detail: dot has been designed in consultation with a local youth group. Throughout this workshop the strongest responses were collected through conversation. The group felt that what defines Sunshine is its people and the diversity experienced within each day. A strong sense of connection to the urban environment was evident; all embrace the fast pace and hard-edge of their surrounds. This was combined with a sense that space is lacking and an opportunity to dream is much desired.

dot is designed based on these three elements of people, place and dreams. Hidden in dot are 10 figures. These figures represent the youth group, standing with their mentors. This image was captured in a photograph taken at the end of the workshop. Their inclusion in the mural is to give thanks for their involvement and highlights the importance of their voice. Their space is important. The need to be more than a dot on the landscape is desired.

Each member of the youth group are aware of where they are in this mural. It is their secret that Zood and O’Dwyer hope gives each person a small sense of pride each time they pass by.

Sansern ‘Zooddooz’ Rianthong
Michael O’Dwyer
RMIT University, School of Art
City of Brimbank Council
Regional Rail Link